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27 march, 1996
the sun was out today,
and it was biting cold
I thought that was a lie
but no, it's just a different truth.
there's a guy across the hall
he listens to weird music too
plays the piano
not the web

today we traded

a little aurul surfing
and mod making

he taught me chords.

I went to the library
picked up a little ravel
sublime pieces are hard to play.

after indulging me,
mark and I went to the Springfield mall
for a "fabulous" pair of shoes
special ordered into the Philly suburbs

I picked up some Stevie Wonder

The Original Musiquarium I

as bizarre as we felt,

and the gazes we recieved
so too I imagine
the folks from the mall at swarthmore

they're building a "healthplex"
leviathan hospital and health club

opening summer 1996

we couldn't see it
mark thought it must be pre-fab
dropped off in big trucks
put together in a few weeks

today I was feeling
remembering my deriding, I'm
all connections

we're all just like Popeye

and that's all that we are.
Jessica Fenn
interrupted my old newspaper reading
trying too hard
I had to slow down
talk quietly

she suggested I go live in the crum

with Mark
I ordered some ice cream
without money in my billfold
the teen scoopette gave it to me free
it put me to sleep at 11pm
I just woke up at 5 am
reading about cigarettes.

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