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bike week: bottle club bound

(G immediately hails a cab
on to the next thing
down a layer of lurid
"bottle clubs" and red light districts)
I remember from Ayla told me
going down on a bottle
in a bar means
do whatever you want with the girl
for as long as the bottle lasts
up to an hour.

so I'm thinkin' I'm headed to a bordello

wrestling with that
first we're harbour bound
to pick up a bottle
from G's boat

inside the cabin
the boat's name deliberately disguised
I notice boxes of bullets
he cuts some coke
man, its been years since I've
I'll be fine without it
my those are big lines
is that good shit?

"I feel like I'm in Miami Vice"
hyped up and even shaking a bit
we start talking about the web somehow
he sez he has hundreds of sites
hundreds of pages
a T1 connection to four providers
he can't remember any URLs
besides, it's all for his "clients"

the cabbie has been waiting ten minutes

tipped twenty dollars

on the way to the bottle club
we pick up "a friend" of the cabbie

fucked up
long black hair
tan pleather jacket
keeps his right hand inside his breast pocket

I start to make conversation

G signals me to shut up

we pass the "Sundowner club"

ostensibly looking for an ATM
I'm super leery now
is G in on it too?

the cabbie auto-locks the doors

gertie leans around, asks me

do you carry a gun?

"I carry many guns."
that seemed to hold him.

G rips a cola can in half,
hands me a jagged edge

between the coke and the threat
I'm shivering

finally at a cash machine
G and I exit together
express confirmation of malice aforethought

but admit we're stranded without the cab

back inside
G puts his handed coke shrapnel next to gertie's right neck
the other hand rests near gertie's left shoulder

I knew I had little choice in my death at that point
the coke made me feel confident
like gripping my shrapnel
and the fear
and waiting for a finish

gertie got the message

this would be messy
made pleasant conversation
an impending date with a natural redhead
her boyfriend "Peckerhead"
who wants to beat him up

until we are dropped off at the sun downer.

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