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28 march, 1996
every day is struggle and doubt
calling rya to encourage early morning web class attendance

she's dropping out

but I can not.

what if people don't love what you do
when the shit comes down?

you keep doing it.
or you die.

so I ask for feedback,

because resolution is the goal, not victory
she sez
maybe you should teach counter construction
but you're more philosophical

if she'd do the readings, any readings

write something, make more media
she'd have something to say
it wouldn't be pointless discussion
she'd be invested.

we had six come this morning
understandable the numbers are dwindling

it's nearing finals time

I'm still learning.

random web searching
found kate wolf

practiced my ravel
man, that's hard.

coleman taught me piano theory

I'm countin' notes.

I went to the library
I like little naps

doing early research for text consumption paper

found a great starting bibliography on the net.

becky sometimes this place is totally unpreceedented
a steel drum band in the dining hall
"carribean night"

cheesy, you say,
but they had folks dancing in the asiles

becky and I lingered long over dinner

flirtin' like we used to
she's got a lot of energy.

she's posted some new photos to her page

one main reason why I came to swarthmore
and others

like informal

no equipment required ice hockey league


you wouldn't think it,

but the geeks are avid icemen

I was on the worst team,

ate a lot of ice
seldom coherent play
nick said I was good at getting up while I was still tumbling down.

instead, I could have been lingering pub nite
a beer in my hand
secondhand smoking
hoarsin' over inaudible noise
scopin' hopin' for some thighs open.

each has their side effects
not dehydrated now
but achin' pain
each place I fell
and just all over.

damn exercise.

late night return,
there's a guy from georgia
sitting in the lounge
carving ebony
he likes to make his own tools
chisels from dental scrapers.
I was thinkin' today
folks keep askin' me what I'm goin' do after school

if I move to san fran

work on the internet
I won't be very grounded
neverending navel gazing
got to keep working, living
in non-media production contexts.

software etc.

maybe mcdonald's.
maybe software sales.

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