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29 march, 1996
why is it always 5am and a slight sore throat when I finish redesigning my site?

julia sez this incarnation reflects my shifting weltanschauung

more removed?
now no front page explanation,
daily musings and site-self reflection

barbara dingfeild, swarthmore class of 66
manager of corporate contributions and community programs
for Microsoft

she is coordinating a pilot project

to inject technology into have-not areas
urban blighted and rural backwater
public libraries with terminals and connections

they need people to train the librarians
many of them don't know a mouse.

tom krattenmacher, head of swat public relations

suggested to her my summer plans

seems like a good fit,
but it sounds like I am saught after
moreover, I have my plans
my project


I suggested that it would be in microsoft's best interest
to have the libraries publish

perspectives of folks in each hood
don't worry about individual accounts,
teach one librarian to be the editor
have her/him teach the people
host the pages in her/his account
collect and pass on feedback

she thinks they need to start at a more rudimentary level

man, folks can learn this stuff in two hours.

now that I mull over it
just giving them terminals and yahoo

makes them consumers, passive information retrievants
give them the power to publish!
if you really want to change the world

send me something

she said
a paragraph

maybe when I'm in San Fran this summer
she'll fly me up to talk

how much energy do I want to put into this?


they're putting tools into grubby hands
how would those people otherwise gain access?

today I spoke with another swat alum
class of '94, Nick Boyer

friend of chandra's

working in DC for a homeless shelter
Do they pay you? I askt
no, but they give me a bed, and they feed me.

power of grubby hands.

either way,
I learned that Bill Gates' parents

they're still somewhat miffed that he didn't graduate college.

that's satisfying.
still pain ridden from last night's motherpuckin',
I return from dancing and prancing
ben mike and maria are making music
two guitars and a frisbee drum
it's sizin' up to be a bitch of an end of the semester
two papers total combined eleven weeks overdue
dorm room knee deep in accumulations
I would work this weekend
but saturday's booked with extracurriculars,
sunday, howard's visiting.

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