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6 april, 1996
ritual today
penis grasp and jerk
I came
thinking of her
as a means of diffusing masculine agression
forestalling contact sexuale

I've found that when I masturbate to a fantasy

it's rendered inevitably improbable.

one can only hope.

rain and piano

and late nights
grown one hour later
did you remember to set your clocks forward?

lust or work
lust for work
uh, I met a lacrosse sweetie to night
a victim of protracted eye contact

I held a sinners session today.

closer to epiphany on the new age
gail visitor saw the celestine prophecy,

she liked it
in the midst of orientalist critique

gail performed tonight
lesbian comedian
she'll make you laugh

tepid response
we blamed the repressed crowd
she was raunchy
talked about female ejaculation
but ended up conservative -

wants to settle down with a nice jewish woman and raise some kids.

from her family experience,

manic depressives are clarivoyant
alcoholics sharp.

gail got in trouble with some militant agnostics

they burned a question mark on her front lawn.

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