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7 april, 1996
lunch with carew
over rya

what I call indulgent
carew puts intuitive

girl just don't listen

to anybody
friends dropping like flies

carew asks me if I think I'm sexist
yes, I talk to my mother to feel better about it.

does carew think she's a racist?

of course she is.

back to sexism,
we're talking about you again!
you have power!
you can say you masturbate on your web page!

she doesn't know any women who can do that.

darkness of illness
as I sieze that student grail
I can not fall asleep
even through theory.

pain I am ed
ug, my stomach
nausea and gaseous
inflicted by improperly imbibed herbal stimulant

ma huang

is it the drug or the pain that I am clarity?
I can't focus my eyes.

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