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5 april, 1996
I threw a party
threw in my face
of tribute
here, I wrote a poem
want to hear it?

ten minutes later
my scripted soul bared
the room most empty

what happened to all the people?

they could have been anywhere
you wanted followers
not friends


I had a party.
mostly two
occasional bursts beyond
musicians entered
played under first
then in between
across the room their strangs
guitar talk
and fragmented

too loud for room cross conversation
shifted nonverbal
or quiet, following their trip
I observed their space hog
they observed the interested folk
yeah, duncan was into it.

I thought duncan was falling asleep

beauty, beholder
artist performer
background vision
soul sharing.

like carew
obnoxious for me to say
she's another freshman woman

how come you sexualize everything?

why did you kiss me
why are you condescending to me?

why don't you write in free verse?

why don't you try turning your web pages over
to a guest host

for a week?

she's tired of the gender dynamic
female deference to male authority
I had a stream of salutations unintegrated

why can't you dance with anyone?

I liked rya too, when I first hung with her
twofold lesson
in spite of spring
keep my paws off her thick hair, her energy body
this is the second lesson, time

because ben said that time is the operative factor
with more, folks would have learned to speak music

liminal point of transition
break the skin or layer it?

I had dinner with gail hand
fast talking libra
girlfriend of a good friend

she does yoga, serious, hanging upside down
and she ate more butter than GK even

synchronicity, a grateful dead moment
turn the fm radio off from good lovin'
five hours later, radio on shakedown street.

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