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carew, yep!
carew: click here and wait
(photo from brazil, spring '98)

carew is a blast - energy and persistence and an open heart and a dedicated brain. i love being around her because she's always got her finger in five pots, the latest things she's trying to discover. it's not necessarily that she knows the ultimate scoop on all things under the sun but she's mostly open to things. and when she's not open to something it's so fun to push her buttons!

she's so dedicated in admirable ways - last i saw her she had a notebook filled with scribblings, lists of words she wanted to learn, ideas to research. and she'd actually drop one of them four syllable mothers in conversation!

not that i could ever get her totally excited about making a web page, she learned some, but didn't find herself there. she did, however, have the best voicemail greeting i e'er heard at fair swarthmore - i hope she digitizes it some day.

last i hung out with her at length was at school, fall of '97, before she went to brazil.

now she's been dating ned (rightmost in this picture) for some while, and i'm happy she's found some long term lovin'. even if it ain't always easy, don't you know.

we met in spring '96, talkin' 'bout religion, spirit and drugs. she's studied, teaches me stuff. she has an incredible knowledge base that might likely stem from years in westerville ohio growing up and seeking alternatives.

like she encouraged me to see terance mckenna. so we went together and had a mindblast!

she's at times frustrated by male female power dynamic, maybe it's just me. My confidence can be for her condescending.
sometimes she is a vacuum, suckin' knowledge, then she gets pissed that I'm not doing the same.

i must admit sometimes i get off on challenging her -
she's so spunky i like poking her and sparring with her

she's got a lot of initiatory energy. it was her idea to throw a party. she exerts energy organizing on campus, having co-initiated the conscious consumers, a visible group organizing for boycotts of objectionable corporations.

my last semester at swarthmore, spring '98, she went to brazil. she sent me a travelogue or two:

march 98: rede
march 98: rede globo

april 98: re:flow

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