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26 april, 1996
carl stern
midwest manager
boston consulting group
called my mother about
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my old employer is p.o.-ed about my coverage of them
he called my mother
said, "I didn't return their calls"
he's scheduled a meeting with her.

standoffish sure, why they'd call my family?

I don't remember missing their calls
but resolution resolution resolution.

she's glad I'm to deal with it

mom seen underside of web-page justin-son.

doug block at the greenwich avenue cafe
making a home page documentary without web pages
home video justin of the web
I'm trying to get some green pinstripe pants tailored,
he's taping the interaction
street shots
I can jaw a lot
jesse dancy said of me in consumer culture class
I talk fast and loud
not always followable, but entertaining.

the interactive telecommunications program at nyu
he had a pass to

fininshed students showed off their stuff
some memorable
foot-lean interface for pong
remote controlled car from the web
gURL magazine
red and red
71 years old, the founder of this program

stefanie I meet again
db block to tape her too
his camera in our interactions
we recline to a cafe
after I blow a gift certificate from george and maria at tower records
we chat over mckenna red nytimes online
feed article recapitulation of my summer trip

april carew

april and carew meet and wander chelsea
for a pre wavy food hookup
get fat, at the bendix diner on 8th
sweet and easy thai food, large proportions

sniffing vassporessin.

the frying pan

corroded say twenties lighthouse boat
bunsen burners and fromeldahidden birds and bugs
corridors and holds filled with freaks
wavy gravy's birthday

can't miss the bass on a leash walking colour bomb suit sauntering aged psychedlic clown
in the captain's chair

kind ass eyes,
briefly before he gets the ship-wide mic -

you are not what you eat,
you are what you do not shit.
I'm amused
after I prod stef to pause her literary analysis


she's at my side mostimes
while I notice carew is being russian psychic scientist seduced
you are very spiritual woman, I can see it in your DNA

warned to look out for her by a sensitive passerby

I stood at her side to offer reprieve,
she handled him herself.

brief intro stef to terance

he looks like a college prof
until you see his eyes

post phun point at party perhaps

when "everyone looks terminally familiar"

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