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25 april, 1996
another early morning chat with computers
I'm restless analysing drawing the class into the abstract

quantum physics can predict for a million electron pairs
what they'll do
but not any one

sort of like the i ching,

view of an ordered universe
but no specific advice

at swat this weekend,
princeton review sponsored national debate tourney party
spending $1000 on alcohol

carew caruvin' on the peter pan to new york
I often take the train, but this is cheaper
good practice busin' the summer

we chat the whole way,
no homework, no reading
kerouac, karnas, rya, ritin'

terance to an uptown cathedral to see terrance mckenna speak

afterwards we roll on the town with him, four freaks

dimitri, deoxyribonucleic hypercurator
bobby faust, judge cannabis cup
Eric Taylor, director Unsolved Mysteries
dan levy, host

chow-style at the weird paramount

like no future interior I've ever seen
rakish angles radical chiq
mirrors on the urinals

mundi space dinner

drugs and technology and artistic elite
joined by gary and robin
effete of axiom
they love both harner and redfield

axis loony

neeoh the irony

home to colin's

he's gone, we have his bed

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