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1 may, 1996
stumbling into brilliance, fame
nanotechnology interest leads to
Richard Smalley, Rice CNST director
inventor of Bucky Balls
some say of nanotech

anyways, it was some over my head but this

computer science majors furustration

he talked sociology
scale questions of energy consumption
info age spreading wealth potential, images

burning carbon's gonna kill this sucker
turning off your lights and bicycles ain't gonna help
this is far biggah
answer in nanotech likely

not yet foreseen.

too big to linger, but book recommends: Vital Dust, Christian De Duv

process of life expansion inevitable, not accident
At Home in the Universe
man's shaping the enviroment - more provocative

gosh, dramatic talk and slides,

but no manifesto, no web page
make your words accessable to the masses! I said
you mean I have to write?

afterwards, Dave Wex of the forum ideation to join MCI cybertruckin' cross america
cuz I can spread the techno wealth - enthusiasm better than the corporate
coincidence since I spent my morning summer planning

doug block on campus today, filming my life
inconvenience contrivance
people pose wit for the camera candid belying
mostly initial opposition
me, I'm so glad to have a two day video snapshot hereof
the arrogant table at sharples
Dom (who just got his own domain)
denise, wilson, Duncan, Nate
rah rah.

computer center community retreat many hours page pluggin

while doug documentarian leans over others to capture my face shot typing
ahh, doug, I think she's
he was pretty sensitive.
I was tempted to ask him to leave/stop/desist
his very act an inconvenience
excuse for dirty looks.

but he's a guy,

an independent,
I cut him some slack for that.

I share an angry missive with Raina
do you get negative mail?
death threats only once every six weeks or so.

so she has me remove her page,

having used my page before to plumb for jobs
and the like minded, with some success
admitted paranoia takes over
I hate fear.

may 2:, I found many many families on the net.

but my energy body low,
I can't argue with
doug asks me later if I'm an artist,
I think I'm more flexible

back in my room,
on my bed
camera time
long and fast talk musing
having just cast the i ching
and read some philip k dick

navel gazing is rough time

prodictive thought spinning
edgy ego.

as for the last daze,
ug, stahshun rocovery time and wit,
um, I've got the narratives, enough to go on
thanks for your patience, they will be developed.

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