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2 may, 1996
sinners carl stern met physically today with my mother
wants name of the firm out

two ways hurt

clients and potential clients reading this
not a great impression of the firm

hurting in recruiting

say instead,

"a large management consulting firm"

mom told him with ref to family different issues

she don't really make requests of me
I'm a mature young man, a writer

now honey,
it seems that you should make the changes,

both substantively
and he's just a very nice man.

I'm not opposed necessarily to removing the corp name
but this contacting my mother shit

honour. He has to talk to me.

oball a little alcohol can go a long way
my first single beer in weeks remembered
so I feel um
agressive and
I talked longer with dan sachar
a nice enough guy
he just can't sustain eye contact when listening

this after an art show of a woman I admired similar to my own promotion and reflection friends and lovers? face s I knew and she was unabashed, though not so widely distributed.

first world feed

fullmoon barbarian barbeque immersion - can't feed yourself only others hands dirty shove food and waste giddy scream and full moon
throaty shout, give me drink
tom collins
give me beans a slapped mouthful
can't serve yourself upon punishment of whipped creamed
but I sucked out all the N2O
and we made a first world mess of ourself
chocolate layer

lovin' skull fuck going to pinta
but wilson work with word instead
an internship there instead of further janitorial in NC

we put his flyers online.

frustration and patience.

in quantum reality
I illustrated some my own
blue eyes ol' blue eyes

and this from sound:

trash boom bap
rattle clang snap
garbage, man, sounds like drums.

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