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30 april, 1996
duke ellington still rocks the house

late night return from an apartment with too many cigarette smokes
lingering on a threadbare oriental with old friends
roadtrips and harder drugs
peeling back memories
like sticky playing cards
um, still that new deck smell

eee - chandra and me didn't get past five feet in the door
somehow after that naked dance scene
I'm feeling a bit animosed by the swarthmore queer union

sat with ali and chandra alternately
ali and I talked a lot about mike

again I find myself patiently imploring dynamic she's so this and we're so

patient, measured, attractive
return and call gk late talk
warn me next time you're going to record our conversation.

his polemic
abandon spiritual metaphysical thinking

is it colonialism versus metaphor
chaos is the web, christianity like yahoo

today I walked with jessica fenn
except it was raining
so we sat around a cafe and ate

talked to her helped me flesh out my plans

when I said I'd slept with someone
she knew who soon
said, oh! but she's so good!

earlier I brought up neptune in consumption class
planet of social movements, chart the capricornian 80s, comin aquarius 98, pisces, then fuckin' aries 2010, gonna kill us all perhaps revolution
and wild political/planetary speculation people seemed to listen to and dismiss
some covered their faces
someone else had earlier quoted the pope on consumption - how is this any differend?

but it was a flakey day, I rambled a little much on mckenna and psychedlic internet

made frivolous by tim burke's indulgence critique
is it okay to go there to visit?
pragmatic regrounding an inspired folk
more carew shows me her summer list of learning
she's itemized, scribbled in no order much arrayed things to study read listen to understand by the end

for on the way to new york,

she thanked me for trying to sacrelize everything.

I set the notes down the day/day after, and fleshed this out on may 9.

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