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3 may, 1996
sinners morning finish wilson's flyers lovin'

he gets pissed when I teach um side him he'd rather absorb it on his own somehow but each of those little image editing tricks I can direct him perhaps I do need to let go

but time pressure over an internshipapp.

becky slightly tipsy perhap? agressiva today brusque uninviting challenge
too many

man I went out for 2 and twenty
danced so hard I'm feeling pukey
ug, trancestatic keel loss shakeit arms up all over weary
no other way to do it do it don't stop get it get it
but when wilson and jesse walked on I had to opt out
can't stand red in the face sweat caked weary

wilson-friend duncan did strange things today some in talk but this one weird action certain I saw
him asked a phoenix
egg on englmuff in cheese
do you want meat on that duncan?
I got my own
bring back I phoenix fine
set aside for many minutes
man, you gonna eat that thing?
you'll see. he said
you'll see.

(duncan doesn't give a hoot about posterity)

I join folks outside late, done filled my water bottle with citrus and seltzer
duncan's holding that egg muffin at waist level
done wrapped it 'round his dick

"now we gots to find a hungry person."

huh? christ and people think I'm weird

must be the last day of classes.

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