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11 may, 1996
downcast someone special reports a mammogram return positive
specialist visit due in a few weeks
let's not wait that long.

seven am sleep twelve wakeup
gladd I dreamt still

huh? slight sign sighting, a nekkid picnic, mentions magic so I thought it was swil
but sam and stacy a spiritual ecstatic couple I found dancing naked to no drums and frisbee with ian hansen and alison o'neil
I brought balky we were swiftly declothed and in the eighty degrees humidity felt free
tierian brought a drum and more flesh for nothing but lingering and talk, watch other folks watch us
balky mentions marxism, that other people who can't be thus liberated are "smurfs"

afterwards walking up the hill slow crutch and talk
snake eye unproductive time spent pillorying unenlightened others
inquiring his social graces balance ideals with consuming sex desire
admittedly balky's vision of communism intimately involves free love - sex an end to monogamy.

return to april calling for franklin's tower lyrics assistance snake eye
I will never know what it's like to be asian
she's in a minority way these days - we discuss other disenfranchised groups can she identify with to explain her pain

snake eye hot humid breezeless turns to stone clouds ominous windy rain come flee as the storm hits pressure drops or increases? people and dogs, animals react act weird
gpa call the grents,
may 17 - their 66th anniversary

I explain the web, computers again
grampa sez you're in a very fine field
unlimited opportunities the way it looks now, yep.

they live in south texas, dust bowl
folks lost thousands head of cattle here in the vally
desparate measures

feeding cattle chicken manure burning cactus spines so the cattle can there munch

suffering all over

dinner at the ego table
some sez everyone sittin' there's reputed to have a large ego
wilson, big ben, ned, nate, duncan
denise and sasha gendered participants

freezeframe - ben and duncan grappling standing,

duncan wearing a veggie burger he hung on his necklace
wilson licking a hamburger on top of an icecream cone
I'm playing a three gallon water jugdrum

and then we played monopoly jump me

wilson and I foraged candles found a CD player
I plugged in my headphone as speakers and we had the gospel connection


I forgot how much I love this game - I play fast and hard.

wealth spreads prolongs the game

proposed chance card -

audit any opponent; send them to jail

smoke me comchest - "recieve $25 services"
must have been for web pages

make a joke of myself

remembering chandra traded rent protection withfor property

really fucks with the game

it sucks to be poor.

early capitalism is more fun than late capitalism

first man out (me) advisor to the moguls

it's not so fun to watch other people play capitalism

wilson -

"it sucks for you to be a position of power when you owe me 750 dollars."

prolonged bitterness and worn

the compassionate lose, so does everyone.

three am ain't done much by way of work.

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