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19 may, 1996
hellish hectic unpaced improbably packing and finishing actually did some schoolwork proud this morning wokeup still drunk in her room I still drunk looking to score spent some time with a half naked friend touched her breasts but never kissed as we chatted and I felt more and more hung over I actually drank some real old orange juice and then I came home and felt so pukey again, I laid down and I breathed hard and I slept long I woke up and I polished up some "extremely colloquial" dom sez quantum physics stuff

packing, you should have seem my shit hole, um room I think my proclivity to kitschy information wanting to keep everything relevant, and what isn't? around. box after heavy box in storage mailed and locked down is still can't see the floor in some major places two reporters, almost, stef and doug came, I thought they were going to pack-help. stef did carry some stuff flunting her rock climbing muscles better than my own we went out for thai pick up with shashi, now in this one semester become drug conversant, and the celestine prophecy and terance mckenna campus may be empty, but stef got to meet jeery and becky, steak cooking over wood in a grill smelled overdone after a while but tasted carnivorous conducive, ben roomie impatient and april. doug chilled, reading some of my wired back issues as saintly denise pride packed for over four hours me with on my floor damn was I taking advanage? a soul in need I, drowing in shit I guess I should - she saved me. I leave in so few hours so much to do wanting to get to baltimore asap but to sleep, aye, there's the rub. yum. when am i ever going to look through these piles of papers again? if only everything were on the computer, moving - all these CDs and books and shit would be a tenth the hassle. what good is my library do the world in boxes?

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