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7 june, 1996
I slept on an inflatamatress
lost integrity during the eve

gosh bless amy had my camera delivery

nekkid bert, photo eric bert's in an early morning party mood
I ain't quite done sleepin'
we chat a bit
since you're awake, I'll just put on some music

good naturedly
death travels west record

there's a persistent documentarian trying to have me taped in each of my destinations

I talk to doug block more than to my mother.

meatfarts smell bad.

cholesterol plate lite bert cooks cholesterol plate lite - one egg

so bert lined up for me this gig helpin' the breakthrough club put up some web pages

bikin' bike riding, cheap pizza with lew
talking to his grandpa, he hangs up the phone before goodbye

father and son play whilst I napping

eric came over
there's a tax stamp for dope

so if they bust you, they can't hold you for tax evasion selling bags
local psycho chemist made batch of heroin that killed folks in new york

dinner at saigon

witchita oriental fare
don't order the mongolian stew
has a nauseating smell, rob reports

our groups photo next to vietnamese playing dominos

sai gon

and we to kirby's
man the coolest little country club I seen in witchtita

kirby's they packed 'em in there, and that's always a good mood.

rob signals, meet joshua
travelled to peru, had a shamanic experience
hey man, can I talk to you outside
another guy, another agenda
I've got this idea to save the rain forest
I need to make web pages to do it
to get 5 million people each to give thirty three dollars
we'll buy the whole thing
so, can you help me?
yeah, well, I've kind of got my own trip, I teach people how or inspire
you can do it easy
yeah well,
I set some guys up to do it for me and they didn't come through
I don't really have the time

he's too busy visiting peru, meeting mestizo shaman, being part of an amizonian reclimation native project, which he was just kict off of for project leader dissapproval of his relentless cassanova native befuckin'
well ahh dude you've got a lot of shit going on, don't we all
he's "had more psychedelic experiences than almost any human on the planet"

I dunno, I know some pretty psychedelic dudes
and I've done some psychedelic stuff

eye teeth

then greg from last night he's meet me excited again to meet me with a video camera to tape me with his friend bill from the radio wants to interview me maybe
slightly tipsy-favourable
so tell me about this web deal
greg and bill and I launch into another many minutes straight enthusiasm and potential
for personal and passionate publishing
bolstered by breakthrough
we reshift for light, noise, do at least twenty minutes
bill was slightly imbibed, he seemed to enjoy my comments whole-heartedly
greg taped the whole thing, I don't know where that's goin' go
can't help but spread the word somehow
people have to know that the internet has immense personal passionate publishing potential
and that this web weaving stuff is easy.
have to remember that my swearing colloquial accessability is beep and cut on the radio

meanwhile we were here to see a band,
rob said they'd be good

scroat belly
country punk - bound for the big time
front ment they put the nonstop jitterin' jumpin' rootin' tootin' country energy out boy
damn I was a twichin'
it was like jane's addiction off the dark streets of los angeles
in a packed packed meat packed sweat hole intimate wichita kansas kirby's
never more than ten feet from the band, only five inches above folks
you could see their sweat flying surrounded by 24 year old yeehahs! spontaneous like folks meant it

I ached, I was touched
got the feelin' these fellows headed for bigger time

thanks rob.

they have serious fans - check this tattoo: scroatatt

stef asks, standing slightly behind watchin' some I guess

do you ever get tired?

after we sneak into her hot tub after legal hours at the residence inn

stef blind date perfect net connected turndown
lacking goofiness
too serious a dude - he wanted to talk about focault

late night nother gas station stop for merit ultra lights
picks up the saturday wichita eagle newspaper
local & state - community oriented front page coverage:

computer guru donates time to help breakthrough club establish a web site

you can reach his at

rob and I chat into the night
when people come to talk to me at the bank and they say, hey document guru -
I say hold on - I've got both feet on the ground, I'm not on a mountain top somewhere, alright, now what do you need

I keep worrying I'm going to misnomer my trip intimates - almost call rob don, and called bill bob.

night seat I like talking to rob late at night
on some old bowling alley seats
kansas pace
william stafford

it's always fun to remember colinmorganstanley's amherst history thesis was chilean women's feminism of the 1920s

I get tired, ready for bed drooping

brush my teeth is revitalized to fill in some more femurs on this heer bone struchur

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