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8 june, 1996
chris drops by and then eric used to scroat
rob lets me sleep until three
on sofa cushions and my own blanket

in that time I dream of swarthmore wind down like a clockwork orange
time being a secret agent in a future hotel
unloading dennis miller's body from the elevator, searching for papers
a mariachi fest taking place under a rapid constellation
of four stars come together under the legs of orion make it look like he's standing on stilts
I was walking along some train tracks back to school when I stopped to dance to this music
turns out there morrocan mexican drumming going on
like I can play along on a steel drub with a paintbrush
wilson is there, so is ayla

so I roll out of bed at three thirty
chris eric and rob linger in the living room
smoking merit ultra lights
smoking kills, right
chris sez
it's in everyone's best interests that I do

cynical talk like that,
musician humour, country tinged
unconscious gaps of spoken silence

kansas time

I phased out some, working a little on my computer - checking e-mail
caught a bare bit of some story - a woman go-go dancing with slabs of bacon attached to her body

at the osco two made up post-sorority girls
are you that ghai that wahs in the newspapar?
yeah right.
we'll check out your web site!
yeah right.
one was extra@fine

it seems like there are going to be folks goin' recognize me today
and I forgot my business cards - with no URL in the article, I had best get some.

patiin' five o'clock breakfast/lunch/dinner at el patio
"intimate" mexican joint
nobody here is trying to look hip
the food is straight ahead greasy friend meaty cheesy

belly bomb

fish haus for many days rob has touted the fish house
four local artisants boyfriends done purchased their own warehouse

sun lit inside, there's three stories of antique bikes, large welded sculpure, paintings, frames, equipments, toilets in the middle of vast partitions
dusty stark almost readiness to it
quite lovable
imagine sleeping in a large room on a bed on a platform in the middle

watch out for splinters
or industrial acetyline tank fires next door
or city elevator/sprinkler system/fire code inspectors

fish dining fish living

I'm supposed to meet susan, cuz she's webbified and san franciscan
they say she's mighty talkative, but she doesn't seem so yet with me

rather it's like new york art, busy being creative in relaxation

fish sittin john and chris and I discuss

there's a dog, lulu - she's kind of squirrly about me

we pick up stef, return to ron's
eric returns with leotta?
chris had somewhere to go but tells more music stories
plays the guitar
ron takes pictures
stef twiches sort of in the corner
mike comes by drinking bud on ice

galler ee

famous dead art show
famous dead artists local group
low key art gallery weirder people than out on a saturday street
tanya's food - yum.
fresh middle eastern mexican dips
and many sugar cereal mix with milk
tang to drink

red merc attracted first to brad hart's work

pictured here with the birth of sake (bacchas vacations in japan)
so did you mean mercury?
no, it's just symbols.
all his paintings are like that
symbol collision

I saw a painting with text - "you can't look away"

a painting about tv
like a frank zappa song on the same subject
I am the slime - wade artist denied any inspiration

later bert offers me a pancho to cover myself against coldness in sleep

is that a sears pancho or a mexican poncho?

wade hampton purity wade hampton made likeable art
this is his favourite - purity.

he was like witty, yeah.
young, with silver shoes and black nailpolish.

arch chris christopher gulick is a phone repairman
he's got a fierce eighties haircut
one piece was his
archangel michael
tree person carved sculpture collaboration
chris did the mosaic.

chris sez I shouldn't wear my toolbelt consistently
how old am I?
older workment guys who wear it every day suffer back trouble cuz of the weight on their hips
like guys who always have a wallet in their back pocket suffer over time trouble cuz one hips done been raised so often over the other.

I took that shit off, my hips cried happy

four fish fishmen four fishmen on the street

digital photographs
how could we make it look like we aren't a band?
one of you should leave.

blue sky saloon I meet chris or scott or something
play smirnoff electric console pursuing trivium with clues and cellular keyboards from the bar
celebrate competition with a tv afar
lag is too long

people like to talk tabout the internet - some to me
hair starts it
then where are you from?

the internet - you should visit.

drunk people love that.

like drunk scott, one of the artists
they're more fun to talk to when they don't know anything

drop stefanie off, like hugging steel
as soon as our arms encircled she was not in that moment
I felt her immediately restless to move somewhere else
brushed her cheek against mine, start something
I hug make a comment about her strength
pull away, she helds my shirt
discipline, I laugh, and bow
good night.

rob likes to talk
late at night, a bit burnt
he likes to worry out loud some

and stories of earlier computer industry work
comdex in the early eighties, selling cards for c64s and vic20s

late at night I'm doubting this format
better to occasionalyly publish?
I am thus forced to record my daze, but the production time is high high
and there's other articles I have no time to write - as behind as I am in my life.

and could I take another job with so much of my own work to do?
if I do it, i I would seriously have to put some of my stuff second, if not off indefinitely. right now - I am tangibly excited to have time to do my own thing. will I still? and be social? and develop? I have a full time job already being justin! am I prepared to put that off? for learning? for money? for folks? for what? for why?

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