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9 june, 1996
earlier wakeup, I was going to help tonya build her web site
but she's catering a baby shower
so I'm to my own devices
teaching rob telnet editing
he already knew it from at&t unix days
just wasn't yet empowered or aware of the timelessness protocol

he's got four hours scheduled with his son lewis today
with his new bike, they're going to the park, by the arkansas river
I was going to stay and narrate but I have fun with this kid
I had a big blanket and I tossed it over his head

"beware the net!"

small log in the suspended motion of the arkansas river,
every thing appears to move forward.

father and son walked,
stef and I walked
she sounds fanatical when she talks about past relationships
I guess I might too

need and recieve
their very natures cause us to demand from them that which is beyond their natures
for us to be lovers forever would be for them to be who they aren't

car pik

mangled carpik

she sits in my lap in the car around town
she's got a steel butt

rolling down the road lawrence bound
I'm talking a lot
appendix, software etc

there's a deer, by the roadside, between a farmer's fence and the highway.
s/he's watching, traffic, from two directions
see, there's this divider, concerete, two feet high, between the lanes

it saves car lives
but it makes it damn hard to deer jump across with four lanes threat
let's make a video game about it

dinner at the free state brewery
we're keyed into almost pure energy now
rob's weird and stef's loosening

last minute called this morning
to nathan's, meeting jessa

another web writer, woman sharing some

rob boy rob took off then rob bye

sylvia dancer at the flamingo club - they had a date for tonight but sylvia said she got drunk and fell down some stiars; she's all bruised and couldn't make it.
nathan veggie cook looking forward to hosting me.
phly jessa often smiles with her spaced teeth and pulls her tye dye down in front of her blue shorts
we speak long of average sordid pasts not fully exposed so private

I tell them about my travels,
they're entertained

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