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10 june, 1996

big day, william burroughs and my first strip club.
going to have to be well produced.

nathan his mom dropped him on his head on her return from a meditation retreat sensory deprivation and then respond to screaming unfed kid
taken away he was into foster care
never met his dad sired multiple illegitimate children
denied parentage
over granola

he's called in telemarketing not today, so our broad brown bomber chauffeur
one thirty, we head out to the flamingo strip club to visit some dancers and maybe put their stories up at jessa's account

william burroughs lives in this town, let's go visit.

boyfriend bill

thereafter was celebration
sit and decompress, buy his books they

jessa wrote on this day

I called stef, reporter follow I
but not to bill burroughs, sorry call I late.

jessa takes me to the ukansas computer lab
across the way from the bob dole building
since this is a state funded resource,
any state citizen can make use of the facilities
my mind is reeling -

internet access for millions

dinner was underripe avocados
overripe chips
adopted babies and christian cults

finally to the flamingo,
I wonder if it will be at all erotic

my first time is stef's too
good for her personal development
hope she chases down some stripper stories someday

1.30 home return to stay at shelly's,
daughter is puking sick to be taken care of
laying in heat watching endless softmusic whale/dolphin video -

I should seek out the large creatures of my dream.

like these canned sea dreams in suburban tract housing
husband is a mac developer

makes psychedelic freeware

glad I pact a blanket

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