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11 june, 1996
peacocks mating call sounds like cats having sex in a dryer
you want to just put them out of your misery.

law talk the cda update legal talk and biblical scholarship with danny
old testament where david dances naked before the lord

2nd samuel - 6:16-23

pukey feeling this little girl is suffering

she cries
briefly her aunts visit pat her on the head make a joke and leave
fifteen years old, like cinder's ellas

reading the funny pages - does bil keane even exist, or was he created by the afa?

I spend the afternoon in the kansas computer lab
powerbook networked to powerpcc surfing and building


robin williams at fifty five gets up in front of the lab
michael grobe,
is anyone here for the html seminar?


hi, I'm on a 28 city tour of the us teaching people about the power of personal publishing. I've been working on the web for two and a half years now, and I have a personal web site that gets a few thousand visitors a day.
can I say a few words to your class about the potential of this medium?
sounds inappropriate. fun maybe, but inappropriate. these people have already been introduced to the web, they're here for html basics.


if you're only familiar with an arcade platform, pick a macintosh person to work with
does everyone have three hand outs by now?

everyone's worked with netscape

so I realize, I'm in the home of lynx,
he spent a lot of time on the lynx project
as a result is graphically impaired

first older women, younger men, then suits and ties file in
I'm taking up resources, am I elitist?

lynx saavy teaching - no tables

he's talking about web international standardization,
I might not be appropriate, but

question: what's a line feed?
grobe's explanation: a line feed is a carriage return.
redeemed with typewriter history explanation

please tell me the exact syntax of what is allowable in a URL
frankly, I'd rather quit and take a job at mcdonald's than have to do that

if it's written down, it's copyright
we don't know yet
fascist school policymaker

class winding down, I stand and deliver
I'm on a 28 city
I write about my life online
one example of what you can do with a personal web site

grobe there's one in every crowd

he sez
what's robin williams about him, as stef sez he's impish.

we chat afterwards, seem to have much to say
schedule a breakfast meeting

so I can go to fargo.
I was thinking perhaps I should go to a local poetry reading instead, but I'm burnt out
stef proposes hollywood is a good brain break

one of those movies, the types my mom used to walk out on now she doesn't even go to
ugly people murdering each other
gritty "realistic" filmmaking this one plays on swedish/uppermidwestern stereotypes
oh yah
at least I don't recognize any of the actors - that's often a good sign
some brain break this is
what is this -
representing reprehensibility for catharsis?
pregnant woman versus the psychopaths
the stench of death looms large over the quality of the flik
- appealing to kali
two nights in a row, for entertainment.
true story tag line at the start, purely fictitious exemption at the end
dialect coach in the credits

this liberty hall, it's a nice theater,
like old time, with murals and spacious seating, a balcony, a stage

home jessa's friends are visiting
they're going to hang out and chat
between kali and popcorn I'm burnt
stay home and surf for kali,
so I know what the hell I'm talking about.

I discover yoni-site, a good concept pretty well executed
at least right up my alley in this case, searching for female dark goddesses
a more universal concept than just our dark skinned blood toungued indian friend

amazing what searching will turn up.

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