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17 june, 1996
dreams of porno for pyros concert
typing on my powerbook harrassement
I reply with vociferous web passion publishing pferver
hang out with band types
friends and associates

expressa breakfast in this hackden
poptarts and chocolate milk in espresso
jeremey left his big mug in someone else's
he can only fit five shots espresso in this one.

chris speaking convinced
he's been diagnosed with add
as if it set him free

too much time amongst the psychologically savant
I had a friend named betsy who used to sit around describing symptoms to fake to get the right fun anti depressents
these descriptions and titles are largely horse dukey.

or metaphors, right
whatever gets you through the night

he's doing poorely in school
and that explains it

well I did poorely in school
you might have it too
sounds like hyperactivity
or boredom
or narrow education
a lack of inspiration.

jeremy drops us off at chris and his dad work at us west advanced technology intelligence
workin chris spends his days ordering new stuff from other companies and reviewing and comparing it
I suggested he try a monthly, or biweekly tech column at least in the company newsletter
good to start a routine, get out there
have a reason to write
and an audience

so we sit in a nice cubicle or three,
spread out where he has latest isdn modems
jaz drives, mac 9500s

my morning answering e-mail and chatting san francisco spacebar

dave lunch planned with cousin dave

boulder salad alley
he laughs heartily, almost too easily,
he's just a nice guy
relatives are weird.

a boulder dad
two daughters, married
he drives a v8 400horsepower black camaro - looks like knightrider
he's got a utomatic transmission

choosing family over career
time at home and kids instead of carrer pursuit

advancement is travel and nohome

so he's eight years steeped at the same hotel
since 198something general manager

my road stories and his
hotels with atriums have jumpers

wetcleanup in asile five

in terms of prostitutes, boulder ain't denver
and you should ask the bellhop and not the concierge

dave me

back at work
I remember a jeremy passed URL
hacker community

browsing appletalk network at us west des moines phoenix seattle and denver are locally networked
before we leave, I print a copy of why the web to the scottsdale office.

chris shows me tyrtle briefly

dad drives us home smoking in his oldsmobile
he offers a few thinkers he knows/respects
bob metcalf at infoworld
tom furness on vr
bob lucky at bellcore, on data networks
and the lab where they're developing vrd

that last one has arrised more than once between these folk
sounds worth a visit

cold chillin in the crib living room mtv lingering
hype williams director of ll cool j titty shakin doin' it video
I was about to say it doesn't advance race relations
but he does what he wants

it's all play

mtv, beach party, is totally sexist

watching ferris bueller without the swear words
he crashes an expensive car - oh sheesh

twin fantasy novel readers of robert jordan
jeremy's on the seventh in series
drew's the first

dream on sitcom has movie sampling like dialogue pieces filled in with culture bits
sort of dj similar

target for socks and get lost in asiles
cheap toys and couples shopping

them kids like to horse around lampin' n' loungin' in the target

target girls I notice they have girls for sale

whoopin' larry play some videogames with larry
I whoop his butt.

for the smoking porch the guys pick up some plastic chair
5 bucks a pop - real cheap like.

exit comedy, I'm staring back at some locals,
pronounce them aliens rather loudly and walk smack into a pole

dinner at wendy's
yes, only one trip to the salad bar,
I'll use my tray
resist the burger
but have some fries and a frosty
I couldn't consume it all
my stomach hole depth pleasure sense for french fries in ice cream diminished by my incapacity for grease

those boys
punching, wrestling, groping, alluding
homosexual pathosexual
sperm teen they call each other

somehow I am reminded of chandra's monopoly style

definitely warrants a recap.

home I try to hook up with melanie nutter

colin friend
doing environmental
going to a bar they,
now I'm ready to hang with older people
like people who can get into a bar
talk about trees or something

but it don't work out
I'm feeling mighty wendy's
sluggish, don't really get anywhere.

watching hackers
wonderfully adolescent
colour light and glass dependent
who was consulted?
fine fluff, but few hackers have that high level hygine, let alone pointedly postmodern fashion sense.

the glamour and righteous is of course by comparison lacking in life
until it's afterthought, history, or romance

so what, call for an e-mail hack to catch the head of shell oil bragging about nigerian plattered heads?

but it really makes me feel like I'm part of a movement - if only peripherally, watching from somewhere I can at least hold up dialogue with the unkept

more sex in the trailer than in the film

but this house, with toys and technology up the adolescent butthole
pierced caffeine addicts chain smoking intel processors
19 year old low level us west technology intelligence officers
people with fathers in the feild
they will hack the world

I hope I'll be invited to the party

if the ethic is borne out as free, technology equality, then we all will be.
but I don't see any girls here
there's some
hack the spew

any movement is forward, change is divine
ash worships everything
computers glory

one thirty in the morning, bus leaves in six hours
strap on my laptop and start the film over.

elite is in their language
their strivings to distinguish through victory
not resolution
equally flawed, just new.
and fun

still a clean shaven white guy at the center of the action

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