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hey hippy flake - justin,

what makes your quivering muscle output thought like this medium could be anything great?

if we make this virtual world, we made the real world

you think your access to tools and ideas is any great improvement over every great clutter creation device that's bounded us in concrete?

I severely doubt the redemptive powers of a medium that takes its cues from attention starved brats too young to hold down a thought, much less a job.

if you want to do something useful, stop trying to be jesus or jim morrison of the net and lend your meager skills to something useful - like transporting the dying into mother theresa's tents for their final redemption.

before yours comes down like five horses frothing from all orifices, drowning you in their bile if you're lucky before trampled by their hell hooves.

or drink another jolt cola and indulge your disordered attention span on unending media flow. you can afford it. for a little while.

an admirer.

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