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After I ditched the skater cut I adored in 7th grade (short on the sides, long into the eyes in front), I started a pattern I've followed for years -

baldie dred I grew my hair out long, and then summer of 1991, I first shaved my head

I trimmed it once in 1992, let it grow on, stopped combing it soon enough, it grew into clumps/matts/dreds starting christmas '95

crimhead? I shaved that in october of '96 (left some strands for a little while - I was a 21 year old with a combover)

Then I grew it out again, and shaved it, and grew it out and shaved it. Howard's wife Judy does nice things to my hair. I got my haircut in Thailand. Other than that, mostly friends and family cut my hair, or I shave it and let it grow.


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