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oct 3

how do you say it,
everything that could have gone wrong did?

or maybe it was just staying up til 6 am with abbe
both slappunch drunk and happy
wrestling with the dubious task of faith

and launch

fear ahhh, internet startup

and abbe, of course, is the best qualified to speak to our defaults

it can seem like pending doom
except that we have abbe on our side
and these things evolve
so I wakeup and our flight is been cancelled
thank you united airlines

we're going to crested butte

crusty butt
the site of the digital storytelling festival

have to fly a puddle jumper and take a van to get there
it's not ski season so the lifts are still rusty

it's bonding time
having gotten two hours of sleep
and spoon didn't sleep much either
and he's a little misgiven about the whole thing
and so we laugh
and we laugh and we laugh

mark and I performed product analysis on an airline catalog -
a special in-flight composite of so many mail order life betterment providers
therein's some real gems:

original one person one step christmas tree stand
turbo-boosted tie rack
goddess of the sun barbie
"all the tradition and magic without the mess"

sales speak.

easy targets

like the united airlines safety film
the voice of authority was reserved for a mel gibson lookalike whity guy.
next in the heirarchy of screentime was the blonde woman
last was the black woman who made a barely cameo appearance.

there was one black passenger shown once.
during his time onscreen, he is staring at the exit window
and the white guy is saying "if you are unwilling or unable to open the exit row window"
and then the camera pulls back,
and some older white guy picks up the safety card and explains it to the black man.


easy targets.

thank you united airlines.

like they served pizza, and couldn't tell me whether there was meat in it.

yellow vertical bar decoration. we arrived, our fatigue growing
our hotel is old, it smells like wood
there's a hot tub, but it closes at 9.

registration takes place at a beer hall
with micro-beer tasting and bar food

baked brie swimming in pesto oil
animal wings

mark and I ate mexican.

steak even, it gave me a lot of energy.

he's in a sort of funk, not so motivated
there were a lot of last minute drop outs
I'll miss those folks,

I don't really know them,
but it seems to mean I get more stage time.

so this conference is sponsored by apple
which is cool,
better than some companies I guess
but sponsorship means they have to front stuff like
panels on "digital brand building"

what does that have to do with storytelling?

and they give us this "masters of media" booklets and baglets and logos
and the last sentence of the document "Strategies for Building Digital Brands" is

popular opinion aside, the apple macintosh will not only survive but flourish in the telemedia age.
whose brand are they building?

I'm trying to keep an open mind,
horus but at that point I imagine walking on the mountain

some day, they will wonder at us for travelling to the semi-wilds to sit in darkened rooms with computer screens and brand builders.

me, I'm just grateful to gunnison high,
loaned these macs I am typing today with my mountain chilled hands late
waiting for abbe to set up we make memories for a demo

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