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oct 4

announcer's voice:
justin is currently computing in crested butte colorado, the site of the 1996 digital storytelling festival. due to the intense positive mental altitude, his design drive to render much of october 4th beyond chronological puke are severely dithered.
we hope you manage to find the wit within

crusty butte

second day of digital storyfesting
wake up was hard
I surmise it's the dry dry cold cold tired tired
hard to rise even for an education.

but risen I was and collided with my peers

don and petrakis
a little breakfast with a computer game worker
who spoke for his wife as well

dr bert drove from witchita
it was wonderful to hang with him all day long.

and jonathan delacour elicidating intimacy and cyberpuck
an overview of the pieces of come and to come
habitat, history, avatars

joe lambert is a solid guy
he charts the recent interest in personal storytelling
with the 60s end of the western identification through colonialism and oppression
needed: new ways to understand self through the relation and sharing of personal experience.

and then abbe, who'd been so unprepared

really justin, I haven't done a thing
after a minute of halting falting
sped into jam mode
drew on her copanelists and jammed out
ended up at the terminal demonstrating her grandmother
I mean, what's what it's all about right,
digital storytelling
at the terminal demonstrating your dead great grandmother
a bit of this and a bit of that make a full bowl
wisdom coordination
abbe demonstrated recieving many stories in return for her own
she's into stories as catalyst catalyst

festhost dana is like a traditionalist posed,
he likes a beginning a middle and an end

umm, where does that leave the audience?
well interactivity could mean more fun choices for the performer
like dana's historical archives of family and film and footage
tied together into 70 bits he can carry on his hard drive
he used to live in a van, play the guitar with rear view mirrors behind
shows tied together by a smell or a feeling
now he can have unprecendented media capacity on a hard drive totally portable
and then select and interchange stories and order
and the dialog between them is different or interacted

he's up there with a more interactive purist
chris crawford
a computer game designer
so he's kind of hard core with designing models,

rules for people
and then they do what they want in a crawford ordered universe.

there was john mcdaid as well
he wasn't talkin' much
later I found out he's a scifi writer
who done made an interaction
he puts the vital story elements into artifacts

throws them into a world
you assemble themyouself

I was on a panel
"digital storytelling on the www"
with scott rosenberg of salon
and rebecca farwell of discovery channel online

he gave good intro, she told a good story
old writers have to learn to communicate back and forth with e-mailers
but they can't spell! they're stupid!
but they're eleven, and when you're in the middle of the outback alone, they're your best friends.

I did an intro exploring at scott's request my site progress

as he said,
people came for the links, and stayed for the personality
I wanted to explore the reason for this web page
the need for attention and the resulting results

I went off, spewing energy and flow
doing some preacher talk some whining

performing personal pathology

lunch was taped by doug
abbe and I rappin' about justin some about her some about electric minds some
funny to have folks at lunch who are out of the media making interaction.
we detained the mauve desert woman
adriene jenik
she read a french canadian nonlinear environmental lesbian novel
and turned it into a cdrom
before funding, before project plans
was motivation and production

chris presented his means of reducing stories of equasions
abbe sez "it helps to know its part of a long tradition of story engines"
build a meta structure for folks to lay out their rules
then generate a storyworld for friends to play

but he didn't have a demo
and altitude and all,
I crashed,
abbe crashed

in full view
I felt bad.

abbe and I bailed for smoothies
diana gave me somefeedback that involved
vibrations and creative space
that my energy lifted her,
made her write a lot on thespot
reminds me of amiri baraka and forging culture

we return to the hotel
ostensibly for naps
by the time she checked in the office
and I checked in my e-mail

and fray's stoked
and advertized geekcereal
twenty minutes of semisleepstate

mark and abbe joined me for new e-minds screens from jennifer long preview

it's getting there
it's exciting

group grilled grub
chicken beef or portobello
choice of pies

chat with dr bert about job loss and job gain
he's infomation entrepenerr

he's going to put his resume on his web site
and you go look at it
and give him a job
he can do in witchita
so he can be near lew.

spoonhead convergeance of spoon
man he was fierce
playing a character
fespooned with all size ladels and scrapers
and spoons
and coco crispies, rasin brain boxes
two scoops
he did an invocation of some weight and humour
commenced a story of a greek magician
who never used his power
if only he wanted to
read in twelve parts by folks around a fire
his last words - "idle sperm"

there's one in every crowd

more talk with complimentary diana (4 planets in taurus)

we talk like light beings or berkeliites or something

she's got a vision induced by art piece work on a high catwalk hours 5 nights a week for a month with 2 stories of coloured lights

like pythagoras light and sound healing hypothesis
(jimi hendrix thought that too.)

her vision capacity extended by that environment, something like clairaudience,
"bioenergy field expands to become wired into superliminal neural net"

that means something like a biotechno understanding of cell permeation to pierce the veil and achieve some sense of creation-wholeness
cuz if you were creation, right, and you were so brilliant to make all this stuff, wouldn't you want to be entertained?
so it distributed itself into every being, every cell, to experience unique individual experience
so we can reach into that creator code in our cellbeings and become

anyways, she's going to have a radio show
she got a vision for light and sound networked chambers to full body mind soul healing
we're at a critical juncture
either spiral up or down in next few years, depending on today's choices
like terance mckenna said, 2012 is serious transition

so many apocalyses now

there was a moment during my talk when I wavered at the head of a path and headed down
elucidating my spiritual understanding of my web role
explore and explain spirit traditions in hip (accessable) lingo

I think that's what she picked up on
she thinks I'm someone worth keeping.

late night geek fest in the piper room full of macs
and mark and bert and doug and abbe and spoon and me
makin' media
makin' jokes
reading rolling stone

and then abbe and I walked home at 2am,
in a local bar,
kids too young to drive drink

now that you've skimmed this, go read geekcereal. it launched yesterday.

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