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10/21/96 - 23:33:05 pdt
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web raconteur seeks sublet

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longtime web publisher and notorious sharer of semi-sexualistic stories on the internet Justin Hall today announces the end of his current living situation and the resulting hunt for november lodgings.

"essentially," sez hall, "I need a place for the next month. because, if I don't have a place to sleep, I'll have to sleep at the office, which kinda sucks."

"but," hall continues, "it would be cool to find a place to live for longer than a month."

hall has elected to live in san francisco, the "throbbing heart" of the web publishing scene. recent housing statistics report an all time shortage of available sublet situations.

"I couldn't have chosen a more worse time [to enter the housing market]" hall observes. but hall may be rolling with loaded dice, however, as he has agreed to throw in "at least" one month's free advertising on his web site, Justin's Links from the Underground ( an additional value of retail $50, recent advertisers have reported "hundreds of additional hits a day, no foolin'."

hall himself reports amazing recent flexibility in terms of sleeping situations - "basically, in the last few months, I've slept in a car, in an office, in a garage, and most of the time on a box spring." he hopes to find a louse-free place within the 415 area code, perhaps in a neighborhood "with good role models."

"the last place I live," hall explains in a near-jamaican patois, "got great restaurants. but the haight is no humanity showcase mon." that rental, priced at $10 a day, "was an incredible windfall." hall fondly recounts his spirits lifted by the dwelling experience, and new frontiers in domestic participation; "essentially, it taught me to love again."

there, hall removed the large appendage that had characterized the top of his head, and so "there will be no major large scale hair removal taking place in any [future sublettor(s)] shower."

to further sweeten the deal, hall has offered to pay regular rent for the duration of his stay. revenues from the aforementioned advertising scheme have been "unprecedentedly lucrative," as hall expects to exceed third quarter revenue projections ($250).

"what it comes down to," hall concludes, "is that I'm ready to start leading a normal life again. I can probably wait 'til mid-november or perhaps later, if need be."

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and justin wants to send a shout out to all his san francisco readers
how y'all doin' out there
who've already seen dis shit

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