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oct 20

visiting howard
a different garden, more tame, colder

he wears a bathrobe all day
even drives me to the supermarket, in the car in a robe
while I get the bread

howard is still, or whatever
he is an alternative guy
we're brainstorming opening lines for the opening piece on the opening page of the electric minds site at launch
he comes up with
fry your mind and change the world
holy shit
that's awesome, but howard
fry your mind has good connotations for some
but I can't imagine that it would be good to my mom
I talked him into changing it (not hard)
feed your mind and change the world
I'll bet michael kinsley never opened a site like that

rebecca is "always on painkillers"
to be discussed

howard notices all his employees either surfing the net or playing marathon
and itsn't he a good boss for not cracking down?

we enjoy another "one last feast from the garden"
the first sunday dinner, my first time at the rheingold's in a while
for a change, howard and I don't drink together

that's nice

I help mamie with her homework
or not
seven cds go into a five cd player
from one to five at a time, in any order
how many different ways?
reminds me of cutch
I was sort of close
the girls relish dishing on daddy for being assertively wrong
I suggest calling howie lavine their mathematician friend

mamie does my baldish up funky
braids the two hair outcroppings
and into a bun, that she bobby pins

afterwards we videoview his appearance in a brit documentary
review the performance of various futurists and pundits
notice similarities between jamaican dialect and welsh mine work speak
contemplate a dismal social-life-less computer future

in the midst of our video watching, he asks
what is this
why don't you argue with me anymore?
maybe it's because I'm not working so close with you these days
yeah, but you used to argue with me about the way I did my own stuff
well, I'm arguing with you now, aren't I?
maybe I'm more settled, I don't need to take every thing, other people thing down to the mat so much.

on the way home
I lose a highlighter marker
from japan
on a bus

because I'm reading about doug englebart
and reading howard's quoting his visions for networked computer use and the experience of the word processor (twenty years prior)
leads me to understand that to have these visions in my brain

a whacked out computer chair
expandable infinite electric pedagogy
is to spell them out in pseudo simulated third person narratives of use and experience.

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