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oct 8

dreampt of an instrument from long flower stems bent and pulled by grampa

another morning with christiana
today's lesson - be more professional.
if I want to ask minds for more than $1000 a month
that should as well upgrade the separation of business and pleasure
encourage focus
ie, keep my clothes at home. shower at home. sleep at home.

and, projection.

a leader might be a screen for other people
certainly I find myself after speaking picking up some weird return vibes
similike when I walk down the street with six inches of verticle dreadlocked anttenae off the top of my head,
I bear a lot of looks
and queries

and so if I'm feeling like I need to conserve my energy some,
cutting my hair would take me out of that intense attention loop

I was a boy, now a manlike
giving up feels good

and takes a long time
with my leatherman
serrated blade

and walgreens razors

blood on my ear.

spin the bald guy

close shave, over time
I hear someone on the radio refer to
"saint john coltrane"

I save my hair in newspaper

voodoo potential
totemic object for my child

I shower with dr bronner's

burnin' cleansin'

at work, some shock.
I say nothing to no one over digital channels
save howard
vjim tells spacebar,
jilld tells the well
denise from swarthmore writes me three hours after I'd showered to ask if my head was shaved.

virtual community.

I faxed to a-one about my car
just after they'd unannoucedly put $5000 on the visa bill
the car was discovered
covered in parking tickets
(didn't they check the license?)
in the mission
"some damage"
and only books and my spare glasses discovered
no clothes, no painting, no film.

muzik: wesley willis is super crazy fucking intense.

late night networked marathon
for all four the under 27 male employee's du minds
I wonder if bungie has been sued for productivity injunction.
I felt not very christian,
but I won each time. most kills.

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