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nov 11

i ching:
how should we consider the launch of electric minds?

13. T'ung Jen - Fellowship with Men
2 and 6 changes to
43. Kuai - Break-through (Resoluteness)
(my first hexagram - boaz story)

I'm still looking for a way to reach through the screen and grab and transform people I don't meet and I never sleep with and who just might be compelled by this writing to add a bookmark, but jesus

anyways, howard got $1million bucks to make a swell site and sure it comes close to wrangling some folks
but really only in their minds.

look, I've got this launch dialog, monlogue - autodidact that I'm a gonna post at some point until that time, this:

when I was strung out on caffeine and ibuprofen, and wandering the streets picking up beer and appearing homeless
I had threatening thoughts -

bob yahoo in a winnebago, gosh I love san francisco, there's so much life! look at that guy! it's so late! he's walking around in this warehouse district; "hey buddy! stan, wave at him!"

he turns to urge his buddy in time for a large bottle of beer to shatter the passenger side window and land fragments in his lap and bloody his waving hand

these thoughts unevidenced, but still I kill
norman zippered his down fleecy coat as he urged fenton "shh! fenton, you'll disturb the neighbors!" the dog always got so excited near the front door he threatened to evict them from this pet-free complex
"good fenton. nice poopie." he paused a moment to smell the small greenish turds from a distance before he continued on past carol's shoe warehouse
herbie's eyes thinned as he detected the dogshit shimmy in his shoe trenches; "fuck that dude."
serrated blade punctured norman's neck, etc

whatever. stupid shit.

reach out through the screen and grab you with violence. or sex

anyways I met this chick I've been emailing like some fuckin' masturbator - several times a day urging, urging, come on, let's make this real, I want to see what you're like

she didn't seem immediately my type - smart, weird, yes
alluring vibrating like a giger over uranium noe

so fuck that shit - her mind over (e)mail is more regarding and relentless

move on in...

I'll be happy in this computer world;
me and howard,
I'll take his hand, together we can rule the galaxy as father and son

bullshit whatever
I realize more and more I talk about the internet more than anything else
soon it won't be worth talking about the technology but the message therein carried -

who the fuck talks about the phone any more?

but this is my domain

and still I can't reach you through the screen
and by writing this, I won't get a hug like I did on saturday night
graaoauwwwhhll that's what I'm hungry for
thanks for listening.

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