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nov 18

morning commute agro fusty minx and kara happy foursome
it's my brother's birthday, I'm draggin in from mills leave him a sung message
eat some eggs
see christiana fell asleep

meetings, work, planning, schedules

late at work, I have one group shot with amy to show for the weekend

I crop us, end up with an unweidly shape,
like a mushroom, that's cliche
a fan? differently cliche

starts a fan, ends a sheaf of wheat or something
egyptian, symbolic growth

think, what should I call her subdir, where?
how do I fit her into this?

do I call her /vita/cyb/amy?
/vita/cyb/minx? (her spacebar handle)

[later she appreciated being san franciscian, not cyborganite]

vjim thinks my backend is fascinating I circumvent the need for a database with a ton of recursive server side includes
tech stuff I'll explain elsewhere

I post the sheaf pic


I write "I'm coming" underneath
wayne sez

scooter/..[Broadcast]: YOU MEAN "its (the content) is COMING"
scooter/..[Broadcast]: not. MY dick is coming

we talk some
she mentions soon she wants sex
I don't want our relationship permeated by a post orgasmic feeling

late late at night, alone
avoiding thon for focus
he does some vagabondage ranting
plans and stands
I'm keeping his secret.

we ate pizza
I listened to ravel, willie mctell

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