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april 20

now hold on a second,
everybody's gettin' all excited over my lass entrie,
amy and i we dint break up,
but it was a doozying moment

I got caught in poetics, and was left with "crass levity"

(to quote faulkner: "that incorrigible unsentimental sentimentality of the young which takes the form of hard and often crass levity..." absalom, absalom! page 221)
i am quite happy we dint break up, and moreover, that the original source of our near parting, or the initiator of it, was soonthereafter remedied and made irrelevant.
we should be able to see each other sorta soon

merle says, I type this directly, stupidly,
sort of the same technique of voice for composing
long jump lovers

useless decided miserings
far better to correspond with her still now

we're not necessarily, or we'd better not be in this relating for the product;
ie, we're going to live together, when?

rather, the process:
i like writing you postcards, hearing from you, leaving you weird voicemail

but not enough product, fleshtime, is gratingstraininghard
harder for her, she says

i come out it seems as the happy monk-ie

smiliess i'm happy to wait, and so is she

like we won't get no better lickin'
so we guess that's committment

and we look forward to partnership projects and pregnancy

(my logic: late march 27)

carew went home from school for a week today,
she done slipped a disk in her back. has to take steroids. I said she should get a second opinion. too easy to take drugs

i was thinking of dressing as a priest to avoid trouble in honduras,
when i there without a laptop to learn spanish this summer
i could be unitarian - that's a fluid faith.
but they don't dress up so much,
and even priests get killed

so this weekend my mom came to visit swat
and we went to visit colin,

who now has saturdays off
I bought an army backpack from a surplus store
less conspicuous than some purple and red gortex adventure pack type deal

figure no english text with me, no american friends,

few clothes, no electronics,
no web pages

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