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april 24

amazing how you get what you want,
I've got a cold,
so my green stuffed head is having a harder time than usual being understood;
I've also decided that I need a faster computer for this software to be useful.

the wall street journal ran a piece today on online diarists

i one
somehow they managed to mention swarthmore, dad, recent cocaine use, acid with my mother, riding a bus,
all in one paragraph. Not necessarily something to send to the grandparents.
so they found what they wanted in this diarist,
makes me seem like quite a scoundrel;
I'll revel some in that billing,
plenty of folks do stupid stuff,
few are acknowledged as such in the published organ of late capital

this a better quote ithink:

Some fans say diaries could turn out to be the Internet's first contribution to literature, just as new genres like serial novels and free-verse poetry followed the widespread dissemination of printed books. "When Henry Miller was writing 'Tropic of Cancer,' what if he had come home from bars every night and recorded his bisexual escapades on the Internet?" muses Mr. Hall.

I'd be a sanctimonious liar if I said I am better than that
I may be more, that's why I have a web site
I tried saying "web site" as one phrase, my computer wrote in its stead "obscenity"

I'm sick, which limits my already short diary dictation patience

I can't stay off the computer for long, at least I am having now a foot mouse. Not what my piscean extremities were intended to articulate.

I'm a good student! I do all the reading, which gives me all the more license to speak in class. Good thing I'm a restrained guy.

speaking of which, I think I want to tie her up and tickle her

don't tell her that though

part of accepting extreme media portrayal was reading Laura Kipnis analyzing Hustler, for cultural studies
she said it was the most class-antagonistic mass circulation publication (upper class antagonistic)
this they carried out with body function revelry and debasement
subversive body honesty
pornography as civil disobedience,
supplied me with a few moments of delusion
at least I'm glad I'm not abandoned raunch-statement

noticed that searchers have made the letter s one of the top ten

brilliant way to find everything
or at least many of the strewn and abandoned portions of this site.

what i should really be uttering is my special major plans.
i still have no major here

im groping to sum up the intersection of religion, context and art, with technology.
an uninhabited framework where i can be justinacademic.

i'll post a draft soon.

amy sez i use her to distance myself from local intimacy
(i talk about her at least once a day
so my problem seems to be that i keep my distance
everyone's got to have their problem.
now is web/writing a good way to deal with it or destructive rewarding/reinforcing?

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