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september 2

jeez.recent on-campus experiences

starting classes
older, later
my peers from 93 have left
except for a flirty few, we love each other

one class on literature all in spanish
i bailed before my green tea hot got cold

one class on buddhist art would satisfy my requirement
but the building was hot and the room was small and few students writing about two slides and i was late and i surely couldn't eat my lunch therein

so i checked my e-mail,
and worked on the wsrn home page

i want to put up each semester's radio show schedule, list of personel, reports, plans, pictures

structure is confounding;

how to title directories:
do i organize it by year, by semester, name of general manager

for example:
(for spring)
(for both semesters ending spring '98?

i want to establish heirarchical informational archiving easiness, but there's no ready standard i don't think.

any suggestions?
i am taking economics
there's like six sections

there's a lot of economics majors here

smart kids
i asked them the teacher differences
bernie saffran was described as using current events for most/all of his examples/class discussion
and asking for one big research paper at the end
sounds good

we were talking about the standard microeconomic diagram:
supply and demand curve graphs

talking about supply,
someone thought that increased supply made stuff cheaper

something like that

professor sez no, that's the technological model
the new economy

i asked if didn't NAFTA type stuff make all goods production adhere to the technological model of resource plenitude as well

not a first day question.

perhaps there is a new economy emerging;
i'll let you know.

economics appears to me like the religion of adam smith

if christians use christ to

describe and create a better world
and / or
understand, excuse or forgive their own behaviour

then economists/capitalists use adam smith the same way;

thesis today of class,
adam smith sez the market system can lead greedy people to efficient and humane use of resources for all.

adam smith wrote the wealth of nations, a book that used a pin factory metaphor to explain the inherent good of the market system;
unrestrained markets correct themselves and provide for everyone

like the rich guy provides work for poor guys
like standard fruit

today was also a choice between "world dance forms" and intro to philosophy
by a highly recommended but me-sleeper teacher

i chose the former, cuz i like to dance and working in ethnic forms into my dancefloor twitching would be fun
as well, i should learn to write about physical gesture

the class is full
i hope i get in

these two days,
one teacher pulled me aside afterwards
i thought it was because i was a few minutes late
and raised my hand too much

instead, they wanted to sit down with me
prevent imbalance:
i read your pages
you're so revealing, it wouldn't be fair not to tell you

they had nice things to say
for an older person, a chance to survey the future
maybe i'm just a voice of my generation

wavering technogeeky and poetic
or maybe, they thought
i'm brilliant writing the great postmodern novel
i think they said.

they definitely said,
now you're my student, it doesn't matter
i could fail you

thank you,
on all counts
it could be weird otherwise
now we have context for further discussions
and it will test my discipline not to slack off with professors who appreciate me

recently i've developed a bit of paranoia of the blessed.
i walk in the sun after chatting with beautiful people interested
i have a girl
with whom i am inspired from afar
and fucked on vacation
i'm invited to speak in foreign countries
i'm taking great classes
my mom supports me
what's wrong with this picture?
i think - death comes
maybe just hand pain
shut up and give.

so later on,
i go from feeling high
to feeling surly
happily so almost
unconsciously starting every fight with will

i've been saying "i'll kick your ass" so much recently
maybe it's beginning to lose it's irony.


wilson thinks i'm sensitive to substances
seth reports that green tea has three kinds of caffienish substrates

giridhar reports that his international economics seminar
today discussed the 27/8/97 economist's coverage of lobster diving in la mosquitia
i wrote on that

i've figured out my proper computer routine:
2nd chair, away from the keyboard,
the aimless clicking and checking
less time on macintouch, version tracker, escape velocity, cnn and wirednews

have you seen real doll? you should;
it's a socio-cultural checkpoint.

john tull came by tonight to use my search engine to see if i'd reported online some scuttlebutt we'd shared
someone here told him they'd read it on my web page
i have no idea what is being talked about.

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