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18 february

everywhere is told us the freedom provided by technology:

now you can save money!

travel the world!

do everything you want, and do it faster!

all these freedoms afforded us by machines, a world of human freedom, promises

there is a responsibility to this technology power,
and it doesn't just belong to the people who waste large resources on ego trips and salesmanship.

too long we have let other people make decisions about the use of our tools

we are the users, the makers, the shapers, and we have responsibilites if we want to have the power that affords freedom


to learn

learn about ourselves, to discipline our desires and expand our energies
learn about our surroundings, to understand their limits and their offerings
learn about machines, to question our reliances

to teach

teach about ourselves, that we are not alone
teach about our surroundings, that we may know why we are here
teach about tools, to expand a sense of power and responsibility

we must be conscious consumers.

if machines afford us some measure of dominion over our environments, we must act responsibly - exercise restraint when we could do things faster and cheaper and do them slowly, with consideration.

we must never believe that freedom, from technology or government or finance, freedom never comes without toil. if we try to avoid the work required to learn, if we believe those who would sell us a new world coming without work to be done, we will be powerless to create beauty.

now, back to work.

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