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23 february

wilson notices i often sit in front of my computer exclaiming - "oh my god" "jeezus" "wow" "oh my god"
reminds me of a good lede -

my friend steev is involved with some illegal art, deconstructing beck

digital story bee-ing abbe debuts here digital story bee, some bigtime planning it must have taken - one or two broken links/images evidence the massive task involved coordinating shared stories across ten timezones.
check it out - funky old photos and personal paragraphs.

farai chideya saw farai chideya speak tonight at swarthmore - a nice frank up front talk from a youngish media saavy speaker. i'm pretty media saavy myself so i was more intererested in her than her message i think. shola, a swattie, turned me on to her web site, pop and politics, which is remarkably sharp and funky for a site i've never visited or seen linked from anywhere - i admonished her for not mentioning her url at any point during her appearance. it's produced by new york online - probably still one of the major interactive services owned and run by minorities (i met jefe omar wasow at new directions for news)

i have such a major toothache! like i'm teething all over again! ug! my right side of my face is a non-stop well of pain! i can't swallow! i had dental work in december of 1996, for stress grinding, dentistry then i saw the dentist in january of this year and he had some assistant clean my teeth and didn't pay much attention to me, told me to come back in the summer and now i'm in such pain! oh! do i get these wisdom teeth removed? or wait for them to come in and they'll be okay? do i care which side of the country practices on my mouth? are there homeopathic solutions for toothaches? owww!

working on my thesis, stimulated, talking to professor ray hopkins here about food politics
i feel like i'm collecting consumer level knowledge and perspective,
i certainly appreciated zug's olé olestra! from all sorts of angles. it's funny and informative!

in a letter to a prospective interview subject i came up with this summary line of my path of exploration:

i figure the machines we build and buy somehow describe the way we want to live.

(machines here meaning anything from mortar & pestals to macintoshes)

the scale of dealing with food and death and relationships is quickly restricting me to a few limited areas of discussion, ie, vaccines, frozen warehouses, electronic babysitting. it's okay to discuss the general use of machines by people based on these specifics, i've decided, as long as my specifics cover a range of applied technologies, and i explore a range of perspectives.

gosh, this sure is fun.

the other thing that's fun is writing amy and making stuff for her, collages and poems and lyrics and stories and phone calls can even be fun though staying in touch over long distances remains difficult, especially since we haven't seen each other in so long it grows more difficult to fantasize about her - the details that were so sharp in my masturbating mind in late january grow somewhat less vivid and ridged and soft and textured and now i return a little more to scenario, fortunately our sex life accepts a lot of personality so i feel i'm doing us no injustice with a wide range of fantasy

darn i love that girl, we're making art together but since it's transmitted solely between us and not yet seen the light of web or friends it's like personal and intimate and probably more like a personal joke than anything else. do people's personal jokes turn into societal memes? stay tuned...

kissy kissy

she has updated her web site

and wayne might soon be updating his, i pointed him towards wilson - my friends all have mad skills, i love to see increased collaboration and solicitation.
wayne spoke with kathy acker on eworld. miz aker, she dead.
good logging wayne.

tonight i listened to
mangal singh featuring amar, outta control (fearless hindu pop)
de la soul, three feet high and rising (a resonant text of my youth)
a journey into ambient groove (passable technology music)
new for february 24:
solitary riddle
companions riddle
ethan is the man. hah hah hah!

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