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september 28

travelling too much. hands hurt. body hurts. need to like get into my house and shit.

S afeway wrote this: safeway shopping in my oakland

yesterday was so far away...

more zdtv tomorrow - 4pm pacific time. i'll have a link later - i have until noon to finish writing my piece.

we've got a houseguest, amy's oldfriend andy's girl kira. a 21 year old gardener from vermont. flew out here and called us from the airport. ATA lost her luggage. i asked her to look at our plants - they need love and she's just in time.

i put william orbit on the computer cd player and she walked in, her brigitte bardot(andy)/sissy spacek(egg) features alight, eyes wide - "is that the computer?" she couldn't believe that i'm on tv and amy's making a movie. and we have websites. "and you're computer literate." "we make media." amy replied laughing. in a red slip over red stockings, black spotted from her charcoal drawing session after she gave up the computer to me so i could rev my zdtv piece for tomorrow.

and after steve rhodes mentioned screenshots, and threatening to change his web site (my example from last week), i've been thinking about examples - they are so important. i've been putting together some screenshots of my work for this second tutorial, and i sent them off fully 24 hours before the piece is supposed to go live, and i get this reply:

...all our graphics have to be either 176 by 144, jpg or gif, or fullscreen. In general I usually need more time (like a week) to get graphics through the "process" that has to be followed.

humph. not the way i'm used to working on websites. i gotta figure out what i can do here. their template program puts in the <p> tags, but they want me to add the target="_top" tag to launch a new browser window each click so people won't leave the site.

not the way i'm used to makin' web pages.

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