too much of nothin'

22 september

today i started seeing moving stuff in the air just a few inches to my upper left. no matter where i looked. then, i was driving amy to school, it became thicker and thicker, and i started to feel lightheaded and i lost my peripheral vision in my left eye.

i dropped amy off and drove home, by which time it was a serious headache and my sight was almost normal. my glasses suck - they're old and scratched up. before i get a new pair i want to see an eye doctor.

i had to turn around and write my piece for web workshop (personal webpages: why bother?), turn it in by 2pm and travel to the zdtv studios by 3pm for a 4pm live taping of my first call for help segment. (see it in realvideo: 28k or 56k)

when that was done i got told that i gotta return my zdtv G3 laptop loaner. but i can do it after i get back from travelling to Web98 conference in boston, i bet back sunday, i can return it monday.

and i'm wondering what's happening to me. each of the things that is stressful is a beautiful thing, i just don't have a weekend anymore. am i making money? i get paid $1000 to go to Web98 Boston, it's supposed to cover my travel/lodging costs. so i got a frequent flyer (cuz i are one now) ticket and i'm staying with donnan. in exchange for that money, i speak on a panel thursday and perform as emcee for a day at the online lounge stage all day friday.

i'm hoping someone from apple will be there and will decide to like me enough to give me a nother computer. right now i have almost zero money in my account because i bought a used car so i could commute to my job, and i still don't have car insurance, which is against the law. at least the "urban radio works" stereo still functions - NPR is interesting to listen to in the saunacar across the baybridge

i don't like having to take painkillers to allieve relieve my pain. i prefer to eat, rest, drink water, etc. today i have too much to do to rest or drink or eat properly. so now i have a stomach ache from the pills and my headache is waiting for a painkiller-free moment

wayne asks, about the computer, so whatchoo gonna do?
i dunno. i tink i'll ask about another handout. or buy a big harddrive and wait for amy to get her own computer - she just ordered a new G3. i kinda need a system tho. maybe it's a message from god.

but it's like the sex has never been better - amy asked me to stop squeezing her, again she asked me, and last night i gave up on my favourite poking and just hard lovin' - i love grabbin' her and showing my affection with a gut squenching squeeze but last night i gave it up and got tender and hoo boy. it's amazing how hard/wet we can get if we take it slow. taking it slow - before i left town we were kinda in this sex routine almost, like we stroke for a little while, i climb on, or she climbs on me, we do it, i cum, then i jerk her off and we pass out. but intercourse has so many forms available to it, and coming back from out of town has invigorated our exploration of those alternatives.

zdtv offered to pay for me to have my hair cut better. i'll have to see how much amy charges.

buy Jonathan Steuer's 85 vw golf 4-door. it's the car that drove me to and back from wired to cyborganic. it's got nice stickers.