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britney spears, young center of world attention, she must have to check so thoroughly for cameras and privacy before she disrobes or changes clothes! there are so many men/boys who would be quite excited to have any kind of naked shot of her. launched

two films you can see online: Home Page and Blood - I appear naked in both.

visiting Carl - he's always a fantastic font for internet mischief and promotion. I like his idea of trying this new service where you can call me. although maybe I'm too busy to try this! I do like talking to people. Too bad it'll be on a cell phone

maybe i can make me enough to get me one of them good lookin' cookies.

10/31: my review of Jagged Alliance 2 is up on

Hi - Happy Halloween! New Package, Same Great Product

(Amy and I were dead Prom king and queen)

i work 12 hours a day at,
while there I update my work notes


ribald reports from the korean pop front!
hamster breeding!
chinese rap comedy MP3s!

I come home to Amy


witty exchanges over sexlessness!
mating imperiled by class difference!
oblivious use of the word trenchant!

otherwise, there's like years of mad useful content up in this mug yo, check out this interface menu

I recommend these web sites: watch culture go by - construction and destruction
fusty on epinions - fooling around with reviews and cash muhnee
american express blue card - does it have an annual fee? i dunno - i just got it.
home of the underdogs - all the games i've loved before, and then some. - where i work

you know, makin' web sites ain't hard

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