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i like movies. all kinds - most anything is appreciable, as long as you've had enough sleep and you can talk about it while it's going on.

so many of the good movies are depressing. at least i remember them that way. i guess it's hard to make a poignant movie about purely happy shit.

crumb certainly wasn't like that.

but the legend of fong sai yuk, while not a literary/cinematic masterpiece, is hugely enjoyable over multiple viewings.

sometimes this depression revelling gets me down, but freeway wasn't all bad.

in high school, i used to love the heck out of the movie apocalypse now, but it wears a little thin.

i loved anime then too, and well, i still do.

i designed some clothes influenced by the movie hackers.

i met an independent documentary film maker, doug block, as he was making a movie about web page makers. the film went to Sundance and so did i.

spring '98 at swarthmore, i decided the campus needed some more agressive media, so with wilson, we showed some two fisted features.
i tempered that base culture with a little bit of class: art history, film: form and signification


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