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i read comic books, i watch movies, i love japanese animation (anime).

a youngin', i loved a chopped up US remake of a tv show in japan called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman; "battle of the planets," when i watched it . and i liked speed racer.

serieses of over 300 half hour episodes in japan are often cut up and the plot changed and dubbed for american youth audiences. robotech/macross is another example.

akira video cover i got myself a copy of akira in high school cuz i saw it in a chicago comic book store. that shit blew my mind.

i find my lust for science fiction visually rendered satisfied well by anime - gadgets, futurescapes and technology are stock, sometimes overdone:

i saw ghost in the machine - it was like perfect, composed for a generation still waiting for more blade runner. the plot, the philip k. dickian meanderings about the nature of robotic emotions was way hackeyed. but it was nice to look at! a surfeit of pert roboboobs.

biohunter, was okay - typical demons, sex, questioning the nature of humanity, critique of the dominant liberal political/science state. mostly hackneyed, but i felt i was iterating my understanding of the genre.

the same guy who made biohunter made ninja scroll, and his first long feature (?) was wicked city. the animation is not ninja scroll quality, but the story is nicely nuanced with some noir and detective type stuff. more demon rape weirdness.

i've since very much enjoyed ninja scroll, a more violent/sex based adultish feature. if you're tired of cyberpunk, and/or want to check out the adultish anime genre, this is stellar animation, extreme graphics, with compelling enough story. the use of this two dimensional medium reaches some great height here. there's gore and unpleasant sex.

also, reading the manga, the printed comic versions of anime titles, often preceeding anime titles - appleseed is darn good manga.

ogenki clinic i observed some hentai, distinctly erotic/pornographic animation. what a scene. Ogenki Clinic is very funny.

i just can't get past it - this stuff is by and large so purty. that sustains me through the depressing gender politics and rehashed escapist storylines.

wilson took a class on woodblock prints of the edo period in japan, he said there are some similarities.

anime movies are laden with issues:
pre/teen sex
ethnic caricature
(what's up with the large caucozoidal eyes?)
exploding balls of flesh finales

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