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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 02:15:17 -0500
To: egg
From: justin
Subject: sick poem

a friend's litmag theme is sick. i been itchin to write, so this

in sickness (2/27/97)

mucus, that's a humour
whisky's one of the four humours

snot sign
i was sick or wewerecrying
saturday mourning
maybe you'd better stop calling me

the bare flicks
that part of drink that disappeared first,
reappeared, rescued on the other side of glass
freed newsprint from his fingers
misst a moist fate
some men are allergic newsprint

i forgot to write enlightened detachment
but we cried
i was hard
those water tears or worry

precum potent
it used to smell like sickdogsex

do you like it when i
we both share a ladyfriend who will die if nutmeat passes her lips
halfsnooze new eureakean waitpersun brought her that close

in sickness and besides, i just got tested
If you're going to be naked, might as well have a good time. Stern reply, "Lift up your sack. Bend over, spread your cheeks, cough."

oh yes
they are tight
justin, she cocked, you're not using so many syllables
"96 tears through 24 hours, aw sex once every hour"
bang your forehead on the sink - nausea
i think she'd like these x

i know postmodernism is about language
she mirth i dumb

if i sat on a mirror i would see red
she reached for the napkin;remnants of our restaurant-child

see she's a drama queen
do you know what it's like to date the person in the world who requires the most attention?
my pussy loves you too.

i saw our snot and she asked me about him
i'm going to start sending you semen
icould be a father now
i think my life is about learning to be a good father

are you trying to make me hump you right now?

I did not have to move from my seat to hear her wrath - "You hurt me Daddy!" betrayal. conciliatory, "I'm sorry honey, I was playing." angry retort, "You pushed me over Daddy! That's not playing!"

We had a fight one night. I told her I could stand her anger. She didn't believe me. I prodded her to release it, to expose me, that I could take it; I wanted to know all sides of her. She looked at me, squinted her eyes and spat "you caused your father's suicide. You drove him to kill himself."

gramma says
she heard
I was the last one
to talk with you

before "the path(o)s of glory lead but to the grave"

in my study,"
i chose gender carefully
"of great men
i notice the unintended consequences of their goals

As a homosexual, and a schizophrenic, Haia may not be the quintessential male role model. But he did have a sort of earthy wisdom, as well as a sharp mind that you couldn't take for granted.

you should stop thinking so marxist
he has 8 children
i didn't ask how many wives
my mother and father cheated on each of their first spouses with eachother
she was going to leave him, but she thought he'd fall apart without her
so they had me instead

my sister takes 80 vitamin and mineral pills a day
my brother has forgotten about forests

we both have hemorrhoids
my sister can't feel her feet
i have tendonitis from typing too much

gross get away from me
i'm not your fucking girlfriend
she's such a matriarch that she fools around with other men
she thinks it's cuz i was never breastfed
she wouldn't have sex with me; i used to think it was because she actually enjoyed it with her brother
once on a date, and the other was a stranger - she hasn't really seen anyone since
six hours a day for four years
i could hear her beating her stomach to get the puke out
i was hanging around with him - i never knew he hit her

i don't know how you worship her
without risking death
all of her rituals invoke danger and suffering
you have no choice.
i said id shower with him for fifty bucks
why do you pull it out?

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