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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

If you'd prefer to undergo the experience of LSD without taking it, imagine sitting through Ben Hur twenty times without the midpoint intermission. Got it? Keep it.
- Phil K. Dick - Schizophrenia & The Book of Changes
LSD taught me some stuff

I kept taking it after the lesson was over
my thighs sticking to the plastic chair in the wet summer heat
was discomfort to be indoors,
when I supposed to be outside
enjoying the sunshine
of a clear mind.

My second time on LSD was pretty wild - meeting with my Rabbi, the elders of my high school, my mother's 54th birthday.

My eleventh time kinda sucked - the third lollapalooza with some major losers.

Number fourteen was an asskicker brainbending psychedlic conversion - 4 tabs of purple blotter, wet jamaican bud wrapped around hashish bong hits, and Electric LadyLand.

I took some at burning man, a three day fire ritual in Nevada. The culminating night, someone handed me a tab of Beavis and Butthead acid.

Trip thirty-five, I learn it is weird to be tripping solo, in the midst of family, in Nebraska. Tripping and bowling and performing astrology with family - weird.

after 38 times, 67 tabs,
I don't take it so much any more
cuz it leaves me with too many questions
unable to communicate

Names of non agreed parties have been most often removed from these narratives, depending on their lawlessness.

If they have careers intended where these tales might be liabilities, I lament their professional path, but I mean no conflict.

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