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35. Friday November 11, 1994 [1] <62.5>


Took one pink microdot (125mgs) left over from HotWired HoeDown at 2.00pm in the Nebraska state capitol building in Lincoln. It was absolutely beautiful, stunning gaudy 20s art deco style expensive extravagent and yet tasteful - I'm a sucker for mosaics and murals. It would be a landmark anyplace, as the tallest building in the state, rife with local symbolism, it stood out as a gem in a haystack.
With Nebraskans, my young cousins Adam and Aimee and uncle's wife's sister Linda, we got a tour, the state court room, the halls of legislation.

Then to a bowling alley to meet Lori for a few frames. The flourescent lights and ceiling fans made for quite a weird scene - that and Friday afternoon Nebraska bowling culture - not as bad as one might imagine. A lot of dedication, a lot of fast rolling strike balls and wrist sheaths - to prevent carpal tunnel?

Noticing a lot of weirdness between Adam Aimee Jim and Lori, just all around everyone weird. Unnerving family violence, in a way - people treat each other so strangely.

Came back to the house for chart reading - strange enough to be on acid, let alone the center of attention, having to use a computer and symbology, astrology to spin personality yarns.

The two kids, my seven and ten year old cousins - Aimee a virgo to the last bite - couldn't stand to deal with her chart - breathing funny to confront her own reality - wanting to talk shit about brother Adam.

Got Jim's birth certificate, and did his chart - Saturn on his ascendent. No shit - that explains a bit (and my Mom has Saturn Sun conjunction). That and he's cancer rising - a fact I could not get over at Cali-wanna-be decored italian food cheese-heavy Bazzios - looking into those intense crab eyes - just nearly freakin' me out at times - they just bore right into you.

I think if there's any breakthrough of this trip, it would be that one thing - recognizing and understanding his gaze. And the family perspective - people who love each other, criticize each other ruthlessly, and unload personal shit onto other people without regard or reproach. A weird scene indeed.

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