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Sexual Storefronts

Don't have to worry about these sites shuttering, they're trying to make money. If you're lookin' for pixel tits or balls of bytes, you'll find only teasers here.
  • A three page wonder site promising "successfull" results - Erotic Penis Enlargement Available Here has both a catchy name, and an original product. Yeah right.
  • Remember the erotic premise of sex, lies and videotape? Well, somebody's got wise, and made a business of it. MacJam Video interviews "girl next door" types - not involved with the sex industry - asks them blunt questions about their sexual histories and then asks them to masturbate on camera. From what I've read here, they've met with enough success coaxing erotica out of the young women to have a marketable product. The only preview they had up at the time of my visit, Krista, is summed up like so "Krista is a cute, lively 18-yr. old. She's athletic with long brown hair and really top-notch teenage tits." - I guess they get points for honesty, if not for class. The rest of the profile is equally as direct, unsubtle - " She insists that she never masturbates and, judging by the unused look of her small pink slit, maybe she doesn't." After enough of the pumped up bimbo shit, this honest sexuality strikes a chord. The male filter on it rubs a little raw, though, methinks. (4/3/95)
  • I have seen the future, and it has deep cleavage. A company called Virtual Connections is offering "Live Nude Video Teleconferencing on your IBM/PC." Here you can read about their service, and download their demo software, for Windows PCs only. They pile the hype high, including calling themselves "The 900 number of the 21st century." I wonder how many current 900 customers would be excited to send a picture of themselves jacking off across the wires to some company somewhere. While it might appeal to some, I imagine it would freak out a whole host of others.
  • For condom-mania with a decided Texas Twang, check out Condom Country. Browse their slick online catalog and get a model by model perspective of the prophylactic potentials. With condom jokes, history, and a snappy one-line review of each available condom, you will leave this site know more about those lil' latex love tools than you ever imagined possible. Behind the disarming exterior lurks a full-featured online sex shop. If you find yourself in need of any prophylactics, edible underwear, vibrators, whips, oils, or books, you can order it online with a credit card, without having to leave the comfort of your own keyboard. Definitely for the geek too meek to peek in the door of a condom store.
  • bianca's Sex Toys is a front for the San Francisco based vibrator shop Good Vibrations. They are the most pleasant sex toys salespeople out there.

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