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s h a r e

I have been so blessed in my life

this summer, I tried give somethin' back.

may 20 to early july, 1996
greyhound busin' through 17 cities across the american south, stayin' in homes and teachin' net.

a second leg through the northward parts is ready, as soon as I have time. winter does not seem so inviting - too many cold clothes to carry through canada.

a hearty thanks to my wonderful hosts.

I set out to accomplish something particular -
was anything achieved?

spoke with more than a hundred total folks at cafes or clubs in austin, salt lake city, tucson, san diego, and at a university in missouri

taught web publishing to a ten year old in north carolina, a few enviromental, human rights, gay rights, reproductive rights groups in utah, a native seed bank in arizona, and some hosts and friends along the way

made a major breakthrough, at a club by the same name in witchita

and met lots of cool people who convinced me that folks is generally nice, given the chance.

I endeavored to packed light.

I postponed the northern leg to live with howard rheingold in marin, and help him start electric minds.

photo: ephedra


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