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the Digital Storytelling Festival

What is digital storytelling? it involves machines, and "new mediums." In an attempt to cohere a community around storytelling, for the past several years Dana and Denise Atchley have invited their San Francisco new media cronies and some other upstarts to share an auditorium for a few days up in the beautiful thin air of Crested Butte Colorado.

During that time, people make predictions, tell their own stories, and watch a good load of media. It's a great chance to meet lively folks, and see what directions people are taking technology.

I've been to the festival 3 times.

First in 1996, with abbe and spoon, showing off eminds. read daily festival recollections from october 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

then in 1998, I showed up to introduce Doug's film.

in 1999, I showed up as a Festival Curator to give a talk on video games and the web.

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