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the virgin

August 23 to September 22

quality mutable
symbol greek word for virgin
element earth
principle passive
natural sign of sixth house
ruler Mercury
opposite sign Pisces
anatomy intestines, nervous system
colours brown, yellow-green, blue, gold, black, orange, silver, gray
metal quicksilver, silver
flowers morning glory, cornflower, aster, petunia, gladiolus
stones pink jasper, diamond, agate, jade, sapphire
incense bayberry, cinnamon, citron, mace, mastic resin
musical notes E and F
numbers 1,3,44,5,9,13
tarot cards the hermit, the magician
key phrase I analyze
keyword practicality

Exacting, to a fault. This means they rarely turn out anything that isn't top quality, but it takes them a while, and they give themselves and/or the people around them a lot of shit while doing so. Often these folk are inclined towards the arts.

Positive Characteristics:

industrious, studious, scientific, methodical, discriminating, fact-finding, exacting, clean, humane, perfectionism

Negative Characteristics:

critical, petty, melancholy, self-centered, picky, pedantic, skeptical, sloppy, perfectionism

Famous Virgos

artist Grandma Moses, writer HG Wells, actress Greta Garbo

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