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the twins

May 21 to June 20

quality mutable
symbol Roman numeral two
element air
principle active
natural sign of third house
ruler Mercury
opposite sign Sagittarius
anatomy lungs, collar bone, hands, arms and shoulders
colours silver, yellow, red, blue, orange, white
metal quicksilver, mercury
flowers jasmine, honeysuckle, yellow rose, lavendar, hawthorn
stones crystal, aquamarine, agate, beryl, diamond, lapis lazuli, pearl
incense bayberry, mastic resin, sandalwood
musical notes D and E
numbers 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13
tarot cards the lovers, the magician
key phrase I think
keyword versatility

These people need a lot of stimuli. They are prepared to handle a lot, they may indeed feel restless with otherwise. Hence, these people can often move from topic to topic with the greatest of ease, and a large vocabulary.
I find gemini's stimulating and intruiging, but often hard to follow up in. or on.

carew is terribly inspiring, got her hand in a dozen lofty ideals, writing, journalistic impulses,

being turned on by her brain is hard, she's got the moves too, but somehow the sex didn't sing with the body funk.

but I just love talkin' to her. and she writes letters. and she don't stay mad.

neither does louis, though his idealism is a little harder to stomach - he holds it against you if you work for him.

Positive Characteristics

dual, congenial, curious, adaptable, expressive, quick-witted, literary, inventive, dextrous, clever

Negative Characteristics

changeable, ungrateful, scatterbrained, restless, scheming, lacking in concentration and follow-through

Gemini Folk

Louis, Carew, Carl, Joi, Sanae

Famous Geminis

poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, President John F. Kennedy, lawyer F. Lee Bailey, actor Errol Flynn, actress Marilyn Monroe, pianist Erroll Garner

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