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Kanbay International

Full time employment managing a small Novell Network with 286, 386, 486 and Macintosh workstations running Windows 3.1 and Word Perfect for Windows. Troubleshooting, purchasing, servicing, and maintaining computer hardware and software.
What I neglected to mention was lawn boy - my daily watering, weeding, and gardening tasks.

The Persident Raymond and the Vice-President Mark were related by marriage to ex-wives. Became friends with Brian Joel Townley, who got me my next job Boston Consulting Group.

Sonja was the substitute receptionist for the month of July. She was short, spunky, a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe. She took me to my first raves.

I was a teenage white guy from lincoln park, I'd never been mugged, or really hung out much with anyone that knew anything that wasn't in books or on tv.

norweigan and hispanic, she was dating a guy at west point. we had a brief fling going, but it didn't amount to much - I was bumbling, and between too much guilt.

I rode the bus for 1.5 hours with many minorities - the office was in the indian part of town.

In the firm, everyone but me had been involved in the ICA, the Institute of Cultural Affairs. Seemed something like the peace core, folks using resources to teach people abroad, but since everyone had been in it - sort of a cult feeling to it - westerners abroad, they'd all lived together...

Kanbay was a strange company. They hired programmers from India, found them places to live here in the states, and contracted them out to management consultants.

I worked at Kanbay until August of 1992, when I took a month in Ireland.

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